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Your dog food has WHAT in it?!

What started out as pure curiosity has since led to an insatiable yearning to help educate dog owners about the food they are feeding fido.  I found a website that is very easy to use but I caution you that you too may get the urge to compare, compare, compare.  I briefly explain some of the key features of the site below and also provide the link so you can navigate and follow along. So here it is:

Now for the main highlights:

  1. Easily search by brand - just be sure to pay attention to the details (canned vs. dry, large breed vs. puppy, etc). There are many choices for each brand and the star ratings will vary within the product lines.
  2. Check the rating - once you've found your brand and clicked onto that brand's rating page, be sure to scroll down to see the listing of flavors/varieties to identify where your dog's food is ranked.
  3. Compare the nutrient content - scroll further down the page to see a breakdown of protein, fat and carbs.  In this same section pay attention to the full list of ingredients and note any red items that indicate controversial ingredients.
  4. Search for an alternative - once you know your current dog food's rating, go to the 'Search by Rating' section and click on the dry, wet or raw review category to search by the star rating.
    • **CAUTION: This is where the intrigue sets in and you naturally want to find the best 5-star (or at least higher star than what you're currently feeding) food for your budget. You may also start to wander to different pet food distributor websites to confirm if they carry a certain brand (I know I did this!).

But in all seriousness I simply wanted to share the dog food advisor site and hope that I can help educate dog owners, and possibly even persuade them, to consider a higher ranked dog food because we all want our furry pals happy, healthy and gracing our lives for years to come!

Once you've had a chance to check out the site, please leave a comment about your experience.  All Paws Pet Services, LLC is not affiliated with the dog food advisor website.